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    1. Kiny

      Founded in 2011,KINY is located at 1/F, Hetai Industrial Zone, Fuyuan First Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China. KINY provides rotatable cathode for all sorts of Endblock and Magnetic bar.KINY upgrades planar cathode to rotatable cathode ,Especially KINY’s engineers can use Solidworks for 3D modeling to design new Endblock according to vacuum opening width in order to ensure optimal fit. Models can be shared with the customer and integrated into coating line drawings.

      About Us


      Zip Code: 518000

      Linkman: Shiyuan Zhu

      Tellephone: 0755-61508003

      Fax: 0755-61508006

      Mobile Phone: 13502824989

      Email: zhsy313@163.com

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